(Friday, 2nd March, 2018)

1.    That there will be no casualties in journeys to and fro the program and in the course of the program. Nothing broken and nothing missing. Throughout the meeting everyone will be hale and hearty. Prov. 21: 31.

2.    Pray for everyone under this ministry, that our roots will grow deep in Him, our lives built up In Him, and that we will become stronger in faith as we have been taught in the Word. Col. 2: 6; Eph. 3: 15-17

3.    Pray that the blessings of God would rest upon those involved in the preparation and planning of the Convention and upon all those who will be in attendance, that all will go home with renewed vision and passion. That all will be impacted mightily by the Holy Spirit, and that God would greatly anoint and use this meeting to take the Church to a higher level that would lead to unprecedented revival, growth, and restoration worldwide.

4.    Pray for a rich harvest of souls in this season. That God in His mercy will DRAW men to Christ through the preaching of the word by us. And that the SOUND of the Holy Ghost will be heard in our midst to the end that men will be pulled to Christ with deep conviction from every part of the society.


(Thursday, 1st March, 2018)

1.Pray that there will be an outpouring of the Holy Spirit on us during the program beyond the teachings and preaching. That God's presence will be in increasing measure daily and in every meeting. Luke 5: 17; Acts 3: 19; Ps. 16: 11

2.Pray for the planning committee for broken veil, that God will order their steps and grant them grace to do all things according to His will.

3.Pray for the school of ministry session on the 29th March that every pastor and minister in attendance will have a rekindled passion for the kingdom assignment, Renew strength and focus and new and fresh anointing

4.    Pray for marriages, homes and families in the local church for:
* Healing for troubled marriages & homes
* That spouses will understand each other and live joyfully
* That our husbands and fathers will be strong men for their homes
*That the life and principles of God will be strong and manifest in our homes
*Fortification against the plots of Satan against our marriages and homes