Live Streaming

You can now join us online for live coverage of our services wherever you are every Wednesday and Sunday.


Listen to our services live on Wednesdays and Sundays and enjoy daily scheduled broadcasts via the appropriate links below.


For mobile devices click HERE. For all other devices watch below.


77 thoughts on “Live Streaming

  1. FirstPatsy

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  2. Oriakhi Victor

    Can we please have a slight improvement in the video quality alongside the audio, that will be very much appreciated before the next sessions, thanks

  3. Dr Moses

    Thank you Pastor, I’m rehydrated. Been over 2 years now. Watching for Eruwa, Oyo State. More grace to you Sir. God bless the Heritage Assembly and Outreach Department. Missing you guys!

  4. Efosa

    Thank God for the ministry, especially for the undiluted word we have been receiving, it’s been very empowering, you can’t imagine how much.
    However, I have a suggestion. I see the ministry has an account on YouTube but the messages there are very very few. You may consider uploading more of the weekly messages there. The benefits are:
    A. It reaches to a wider audience. In this time where most messages we hear are self serving, please as a matter of urgency, extend your reach. I come to this site because I know church, the number of people that fall into my category is infinitesimally small. But on YouTube, random Google search can take one to a message that can bring that change.
    B. Often times, one doesn’t get all from listening to a message once, having it stored somewhere where it can be replayed can help cater for this.
    C. At times when one feels he needs to rekindle the fire when it appears to be smoldering out, there are some past messages that have made impact, such will be the desired messages to listen to to get back up.

    My point is – make the messages available and easily accessible. The living Word needs to reach the dying world. Remember, “THE TIME IS SHORT”
    GOD bless you all.
    All my love

  5. Tosny

    Why are we not seeing your congregation at all even when they are the ones talking. There is no professionalism at all. It makes your prog too boring.


    Thank you Pastor Ogiemudia for this beautiful message in sisters conference 2018.
    We should honour one another, that everyone deserves honour.
    The responsibility of purification is not with another but with ourselves.

    Thank you Pastor

  7. Dr. (Mrs) Helen I. Ajayi

    It’s good to be part of the service today, from Droten in Netherlands.
    To make my life count for eternity, the calling for my life! Thanks for making it possible for those outside of Benin to partake of the services. Bless you Sir.

  8. Charles OSARETIN

    I am Streaming broken veil for the first time, and I cannot begin to describe the blessing of being able to participate in such an impartful service. My expectation for this year is truly great. Trust God for his release.

  9. Obiora Nnene

    It is a blessing to join the broken veil online. Please, can we have a schedule or time table of sorts on the streaming page so that we can organise our day around those times?

    1. Joseph Benison

      Sorry we don’t have the schedule at the moment. But we will publish it as soon as we lay hands on it. But in the meantime, know that we will have three meetings today, morning , afternoon and night. You can chat up with Ben(08088075336) via whatsapp to get the exact times for meetings and what’s happening live in the camp meeting

    1. Joseph Benison

      Please we are currently at the highest volume . We advice you use ear phone or connect to external speaker if your sound is still low. Although, we are still troubleshooting. Thanks

  10. Paul O.

    It’s really wonderful to have this platform.Not only can one listen, I can see and relate with everything happening as though I am right there,God bless the media team

  11. Joseph Benison

    Hi everyone, you can chat up with media room directly to get exact updates on times for meetings. Chat up with Mr. Ben(08088075336) via whatsapp to get updates. In the meantime, know that there will be three meetings today being saturday-morning , afternoon and night.

    1. Vera

      The Pleroma of the Spirit: My Spirit has truly been revived.

      Thank God for Broken Veil 2019, looking forward to next year’s.

      Watched from Manchester, UK

  12. UZOMA

    Thank God for this year(2019) broken veil, i watched it but the streaming wasn’t too good here. It hung sometmes,but i was blessed. Uzoma Atlanta GA USA

  13. Victor Oriakhi

    Great message this mornings, may God continue to grant us the grace to keep bearing good fruits in holiness and righteousness. God bless you Sir.

  14. Adeola

    Well done media team. Thank you for ensuring we get to watch this service live. Kindly work more on the sound quality, its really noisy. Once again, we appreciate all you are doing. May God reward you all.

  15. Emekpe Elizabeth

    It was good being a part of today’s service via the live streaming all the way from Kontagora,Niger State. Timely message and God bless you all for making it possible for peeps far n wide to watch this.

  16. Bro Tare Kragha

    I miss Heritage Assembly but thank God for this Medium through Which I can Join in Fellowship with my Brethren. Though it’s the Early Hours of the day.It’s always worth the while.God Bless the Pastoge and the Media team for making this possible.

  17. Dr. (Mrs) Helen I. Ajayi

    Well doing media team. The audio just went off, though there’s sign that the mics are picking sound but the sound is not relaying.

  18. Yinka

    Good morning. saying thank you for the good job you are doing.
    The volume suddenly dropped when the message started. could you please check. Thank you

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